Needle-Free Therapies


Cupping benefits the lungs, treats coughs & asthma, and instantly releases back & shoulder spasms.

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In addition to acupuncture, Midwest also practices the ancient therapies of cupping and Gua Sha. Popularized in recent years by a celebrity following, these needle-free and pain-free techniques can deliver great benefits to existing medical complaints and aid relaxation of body and mind.

A needle-free, pain-free therapy, cupping instantly releases stagnation and pain in the upper and lower back, benefits the lungs, treats coughs and asthma, and combats pain in multiple areas of the body. Using suction to lift the skin and improve circulation, cupping is considered a ‘reverse’ massage; it relaxes tight muscles, reduces inflammation and relieves pain.

We are experienced practitioners of this ancient therapy, based in the Lincoln Square area of Chicago. Get in touch with us for a consultation or to book your treatment at our friendly, welcoming clinic.

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