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Five successful case studies about acupuncture for perimenopause and menopause

It’s no wonder menopause is considered ‘nature’s life changing milestone’. One woman described her feeling as “Not my normal me”. Like her, those of us going through it would happily stick pins in ourselves if we were convinced it would help.

Sudden and excruciating symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, interrupted restless sleep, reduced libido, poor concentration, headaches, abrupt and severely debilitating anxiety, deep overwhelming depression and alarming mood swings are, for some, just the tip of the iceberg. Eight out of ten otherwise healthy, fifty to sixty five year old women, suffer these common symptoms and some, even more. In fact resettling on an iceberg seems like a very good idea. 

Menopause doesn’t have to be a negative experience though.

With careful natural management such as menopause / perimenopause acupuncture, the most debilitating symptoms can be substantially reduced, even stopped all together. Really. Acupuncture activates those alpha brain waves in the body also associated with deep relaxation during meditation. This can be juxtaposed with beta brain waves which are associated with depression and anxiety.

Acupuncture complements conventional medicines too. Note two of the women featured in our case studies suffered from cancer and type II diabetes and still experienced successful acupuncture treatment for their perimenopause and menopause symptoms. 

Midwest Acupuncture Group, a successful acupuncture clinic in Chicago, would like to share with you some of their perimenopause and menopause case studies published in 2019.

Case Study 1 – Sleep deprivation

Experienced by a forty six year old woman in perimenopause.

This client was unable to enjoy a full night’s sleep. She would regularly wake in the early hours and fail to drop off again. She would achieve between three and five hours slumber only, resulting in tiredness, forgetfulness and mild stress. She also suffered low libido, vaginal dryness and occasional hot flashes.

Treatment – A course of acupuncture and Chinese herbs

After two sessions of acupuncture (one session a week) the client was able to sleep longer. By the third session she was achieving an average of five to six hours sleep per night. Acupuncture was reduced to one session every other week. After three and a half months the client was sleeping, on average, six to seven hours per night. 

She was lucid and happier, more content with her family relationships and enjoyed better concentration at work. 

Case Study 2 – Severe hot flashes and night sweats

Experienced for four years by a fifty four year old woman in menopause for thirteen years. She works in a highly stressful job.

This client’s daily hot flashes were pronounced and disruptive. They interrupted her work schedule and caused her much discomfort and embarrassment. She also suffered from Type 2 Diabetes.

Treatment – A course of acupuncture.

Acupuncture was given twice weekly at first, then reduced to once a week and reduced further as soon as symptoms abated.

Three days after the first acupuncture treatment, the severe hot flashes were reduced to a rush of warmth unnoticeable to anybody else. After the second acupuncture treatment, there were no further rushes of warmth or hot flashes. 

Case Study 3 – Intense headaches daily

Experienced by a forty eight year old woman in menopause. This new client had suffered headaches before but never to the same extent. When asked to describe the intensity from one to ten she responded two to twenty! She also experienced occasional hot flashes and chronic heart burn.

Treatment – Acupuncture and Chinese herbs

After her very first session of acupuncture the client enjoyed two pain free days. The second session of acupuncture was complimented by a preparation of nourishing Chinese herbs to help reduce her hot flashes and heart burn which resulted in a further four pain free days. In total five acupuncture sessions with Chinese herbs gave the client the confidence and comfort to carry on without further treatment. She still experiences the occasional headache but never more than three a week and the intensity is massively reduced.

Case Study 4 – Mood swings, anxiety, lack of concentration, depression

Experienced by a woman who had suffered emotional trauma followed by perimenopause. She also described mood driven PMS for two weeks before every menstrual cycle where it was almost impossible to focus or concentrate.

Treatment – Acupuncture

After treatment and one menstrual cycle the client commented “PMS has gone from unbearable to bearable”. After three menstrual cycles she reported “Doing well”.

Case Study 5 – Intense hot flashes following breast lumpectomy surgery, radiation and chemotherapy

Experienced by a fifty year old woman. She reported suffering six to eight severe disruptive hot flashes and excessive perspiration per day as well as extreme night sweats resulting in soaked bed sheets. Although the client was able to sleep she did not feel rested.

Treatment – Acupuncture

After the first session of acupuncture the client reported considerably reduced symptoms described as twinges of heat rather than full blown hot flashes and feeling hot in bed rather than experiencing sweats.

Following the second session of acupuncture the client was able to enjoy a hot bath for the first time in two years. Her body felt cooler overall and the hot flashes were reduced.

Five treatments later and the client reported her hot flashes begin but do not develop. She no longer wakes up with night sweats. 

She agreed to return if symptoms reoccurred.

If you are approaching the onset or already experiencing ‘nature’s life changing milestone’ do not be apprehensive. There are natural and healthy ways of dealing with it so you can continue to lead a healthy and happy life style. The Midwest Acupuncture Group in Chicago is always there for advice and treatments. 

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