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Tinnitus Success Story!

Here at Midwest Acupuncture Group in Chicago, we like to solve challenging tinnitus cases, and when an Ear Nose Throat specialist sent us this acute tinnitus case, we jumped at the chance. The young woman is a professional musician, whose acute hearing loss and loud mechanical whirling sound had completely disrupted her life and career — and had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. In 5 acupuncture treatments administered over 3 weeks, she was restored to normal hearing levels! Read her testimonial here:
“I am a professional musician. About a month ago the ENT diagnosed me with sudden, acute low-frequency hearing loss. Due to the nature of my life’s work up to this point, this news was devastating for both my career as well as my emotional health. The doctor diagnosed medications, herbs, prescribed steroids–all of which did not change my condition.
I am so happy that my doctor also recommended that I see Dana. From the moment she answered the phone when I called up to my most recent appointment, she stayed 100% positive that we would figure out what was wrong and that we would fix it. She stayed late after sessions to research my symptoms and connected the loose ends which led to a hypothesis and its subsequent treatment. 24 hours after my third treatment, I could hear again!
My case was a weird one and the doctors didn’t know what to make of me. When halfway through treatment ¬†they said not to get my hopes up for a full recovery, Dana insisted I stay positive–quite a feat, since I was in such a terrible emotional place. My symptoms made playing music difficult to execute and listening to music a miserable experience. Dana’a sensitivity to my emotional turmoil coupled with her knowledge of what I needed to improve made every session a positive experience.
I have since had my hearing retested and am delighted to say I am well within the normal hearing range in all of the frequencies once again–a full recovery! I highly recommend Dana to anyone and everyone!”


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