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It’s not all about acupuncture in Chicago…

With over 2.7 million of us bustling around in central Chicago, and 52 million visitors coming and going each year, city life is fast-paced. And although many of us thrive on the hubbub and atmosphere that goes along with living in the third most populous city in the US, the Chicago lifestyle can take its toll –– both on our bodies and our minds.

As we move into Fall and Winter, many of us will find ourselves arriving at work before the sun rises and leaving after the sun sets; with the darker nights also making any after-hours activity pretty tough. How do we keep ourselves ‘well’ throughout the darker months here in Chicago?

Here at Midwest Acupuncture in Chicago, we have come up with some great suggestions to help you embrace the seasons and keep yourself mentally and physically well this Fall.

Surviving Fall/Winter (and no need for acupuncture in Chicago)

Get outside! It is widely touted that Chicago is at it’s best in Fall. Wrap up warm, and embrace ruddy cheeks and fresh air in your lungs.

Take the dog, or borrow one if you don’t have your own –– time with man’s best friend has proven benefits for our mental wellbeing. Even though the days feel dark, the muted natural light is still tons better than a whole heap of artificial lighting, and will really help you sleep. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this is the equivalent to being outside moving unencumbered (good) versus being stuck in a traffic jam (frustrating, bad).

Get away from the screens. iPad, cell phone, TV… get away from them all as much as you can! This will particularly help you if you suffer from insomnia.

Acupuncturists see sleep as a multi-tiered issue: problems falling asleep, problems staying asleep and problems sleeping soundly. Hey, why not schedule acupuncture time in place of screen time?

Embrace festivities

Halloween is just around the corner, so head out to your local Chicago pumpkin patch and get in the festive mood. Then we’re all systems go for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and finally Groundhog day. Planning activities based around these traditions gives us focus outside of our everyday work lives and keeps us motivated. Why not use the dark evenings to try a new craft linked to these festive times? Do it with a group of friends to reap the benefits of social interaction too!

Eat well

We all crave the carbs at this time of year, but they really aren’t the best food to fuel our bodies through the cold Chicago winter. They can make you moody or jittery and then plummet your energy even lower than before (which will just leave you craving more carbs!). Having acupuncture in Chicago is also a great way to reset the digestive system and can complement a change in eating habits.

Have some ‘me’ time

We all need time to reboot. Chicago life is fast-paced and it’s easy to flit from one activity to another without pausing for breath or paying attention to how our bodies are feeling. Like rebooting your phone or computer, acupuncture performs a manual reboot of many body systems. It calms the mind and increases mental sharpness, and helps regulation of sleep, digestion and menstruation cycles. And here’s the shocker: acupuncture does not hurt, and many people doze off while on the table! Need to boost creativity? Try acupuncture! In Chicago, we are super lucky to have a thriving acupuncture community. Book your system reboot with us here at Midwest Acupuncture Group; we’re based in the Lincoln Square/North Center area of Chicago.

Check your Vitamin D

Have your doctor test your Vitamin D and B12 levels. If you feel achy, have osteopenia or osteoporosis, or are developing kidney stones (known as “moans, groans, and bones”), get your parathyroid checked too. Despite all the things we put in place to keep ourselves well, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor for testing. It’s good information to have.


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