Acupuncture for Anxiety & Depression

Psycho-Emotional Acupuncture

Feeling stuck and unable to move forward? Gain emotional freedom from chronic anxiety and depression.

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At Midwest Acupuncture Group we aim to balance the five spirits, peel away old emotional patterns and uncover the abundant joy of the heart.

Many of our patients feel stuck in the past and unable to move forward or destined to repeat the same mistakes in their relationships or careers. Psycho-emotional acupuncture assists our patients in opening up their minds to find a more productive, clearer and satisfying path.

Through individualized treatment plans, we can help you to shed the burden of chronic anxiety, depression, PMS, stress and the myriad of illnesses they bring about at our welcoming clinic in Chicago. Acupuncture combined with the benefits of tailored Chinese herbal remedies has enabled the vast majority of our patients to achieve the emotional freedom that comes with a healthy and strong mind-body connection.


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